i’m ipshwtiz, designer
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i enjoy creating new, exciting, and unique digital innovations for small businesses. because i enjoy it, i truly believe that what i create will set you apart from the cookie-cutter designs that most of the industry puts out.
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just kidding…
in all seriousness, i do love what i do. i enjoy designing websites, laying out business cards, designing t-shirts, and so much more. it’s relaxing for me. and because i do this out of passion, i truly believe that it creates a better end-product for you. you get something that is unique to you and your ideas. you don’t get a cookie-cutter template that’s been used hundreds of times with other clients. if you need something better than everyone else, let me know… you won’t be disappointed.


now onto the other question i get asked the most, “who or what is an ipshwitz?” or it’s something usually along those lines. ipshwitz is a name that is the result of a mistake made back in the late 90s. for some reason, i think it had to do with ichabod crane, but i don’t remember. i toyed with a few other names but ultimately, always stuck with ipshwitz. not to be confused with ipswitch; the company that makes ftp or networking solutions. though some people confuse it with ipswich, the fictional town from the covenant.

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