Hello Cows!

And I mean that in the best way possible 🙂

You already know that cows are typically found in herds, but it’s been proven that grouping is actually beneficial to their intelligence. Researcher put calves together and tested them on “reversal learning,” in which they were trained to associate a black or white square with food. Once that had been learned, the researchers switched which color meant food. The clique of calves learned the “reverse” task much faster than the isolated cows. In another test, an unfamiliar object was placed in the pen with a group of cows. The band of bovines grew tired of the new object much faster than the solo cows did, leading researchers to theorize that socially adept cows assimilate better—an important aspect of learning.

Us humans are the same way. When in a community, we are able to learn and grow more than when we are by ourselves. That’s where this group comes in. We want to create a group of experienced sublimation users who enjoy working with others and helping them learn and grow as well. We want to create a place where you can ask questions with the assumption you will get an answer. Where you can find help, mentors, and personal growth. We have even created a complimentary website to help you take your community even further.

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